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All the beard products in the world are completely useless unless you actually maintain your beard properly.

You see, you could lather on a $25 beard oil or a high quality beard balm, but at the end of the day, if you do not use a beard comb – your beard will look like a complete mess.

So why is a beard comb so important to maintaining a healthy and awesome looking beard?

I will tell you in a bit, but first and foremost here are all kent mustache & beard comb reviewed.

The Roots of Proper Beard Maintenance

Regular combing of your beard helps stimulate your beard follicles so you can grow a killer beard yourself, and also of course make it appear both healthy and well maintained.

Even the type of kent mustache & beard comb, which I go over in detail in a section below, can have a huge impact on the health of your beard follicles.

For instance, cheap kent mustache & beard comb will literally tear your beard apart and do years of damage which will ultimately make your beard appear unkempt.

This is why choosing the right comb is so critical to your grooming toolkit and is most often overlooked by beardsmen everywhere. kent mustache & beard comb

Understanding the Difference Between a Beard Comb and Brush

Their are stark differenes when it comes to beard brushes and combs.

First off regarding the design, a high quality beard brush is composed of boars hair.

For some guys this may be off-putting at first, but there is a reason why boars hair is so prevalent when it comes to beard brushes.kent mustache & beard comb

How The Final Score Is Determined For Judging The Best Beard Comb

It is not easy trying to figure out the best kent mustache & beard comb for your beard maintenance repertoire.

Thats why here at Tools of Men, we have spent hours upon hours of research to give you the very best in information so you can make the right decision for yourself, and of course more importantly, your beard!

So how exactly was the final score determined?

Using our 5 category system, we break down each comb based on the following: general feel in hand (how cumbersome it would likely be in your hand), styling ability (do you have enough control), peer review (what we found to be the general consensus online), overall value (are you getting what you pay for).

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