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About Dollar Beard Club 2 oz oil

Dollar Beard Club 2 oz oil is an online subscription service that delivers custom-made boxes of all-natural beard products to your door each month, including oils, balms, waxes, shower items, growth accelerators, and more.

Dollar Beard Club 2 oz oil: Summary of Product

Dollar Beard Club 2 oz oil does have an option for you to only spend a dollar a month on their products (this only includes one small bottle of oil), but where they get you is with all the extra add-ons.

They have a lot of options. It is a 5-step procedure. We will break it down for you, so you know what to expect:

  1. Pick an Oil – There is the original oil and the sandalwood oil. I personally tried the original, as sandalwood sounds like it smells like shoes. Though, I hear it does not.
  2. Add Essentials – Here is where they score negative points on our Dollar Beard Club 2 oz oil review. You can add wax, cream, or balm for a little extra money every month. I do not like to use these products on my beard. If you do, that is great, but I know several other people who only like to stick with oils and shampoos. I do not doubt the ability for these products to work, I am questioning why they were called, For this reason, I only briefly tried the original balm.
  3. Choose Shampoo – Beard shampoo can be quite useful. The oil and the shampoo are the two most important aspects to marinating your beard for full potential. It will add more dollars to your monthly billing.
  4. Add Accelerators – I honestly pity you if this is something you need. I have never needed accelerators. They are supplements to promote luscious beard growth. I had a full beard coming in at the age of 12. If anything, I needed a decelerator back then. I opted out of an accelerator, as adding any more hair on my face would turn me into a Geico commercial. In fact, this is all the information we have on these accelerators in our Dollar Beard Club 2 oz oil.
  5. Optional Accessories – Here you can get a comb or a brush. I already had an established beard at this point, so I went with the brush. I would not lie. I love it.

For the sake of our Dollar Beard Club 2 oz oil, we will be discussing the original oil, the shampoo, the brush, as well as a brief mention about the balm. No, we will not be discussing the accelerators. We let nature do its thing.

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